Steven Ziadie
Product Designer & Interdisciplinary Creative

Los Angeles, CA

Last Update:
02/27/2024 16:40 PST

Ramona Rosales


Ramona Rosales is a photographer operating out of both New York and Los Angeles. Known for her unique portraits of celebrities, her work can be seen in publications such as Billboard, Rolling Stone and Marie Claire.

Ramona collaborated with Boyfriend Studio for a personal rebrand and site refresh.


Web Design
Creative Direction



[Fig. 8.5-7]

Off baseline typography was used to pair with the off-beat photographic style. This idea was applied to web and print mediums.

[Fig. 8.8]

The landing page was updated to utilize dynamic typography, depth, and user interaction to create an experience that complements the vibe of the imagery.

[Fig. 8.9-12]

On each page load, the type would rearrange, while hovering over a project image would update the background color.

[Fig. 10]

On mobile, the background color changes depending on the image closest to the center of the viewport.

[Fig. 8.11-12]

Project titles appear on the center-most item as well.

[Fig. 13]

On the project detail view, the background color would persist from the landing page.

At the end of the scroll, the user would be directed to the next project.

[Fig. 8.14-15]

A double sided poster was created as promotional material.