Steven Ziadie
Product Designer & Interdisciplinary Creative

Los Angeles, CA

Last Update:
02/27/2024 16:40 PST



Glyd is an app that connected travelers with locals, allowing them to experience destinations with an insider perspective.

I collaborated with Glyd to develop their brand and early-stage product, taking the lead on design and UX.


Product Design



[Fig. 9.3]

Local users post images of destinations in their own city.

[Fig. 9.4]

Posts are then browsable via the Feed and Explore tabs.

[Fig. 9.5]

Users can browse the Feed and Explore sections via a map view. This way they can see the exact location of each post.

[Fig. 9.6]

If a user feels inspired to travel to a certain destination after viewing a post, they can request an itinerary from that user.

[Fig. 9.7-8]

As users complete the steps for submitting an itinerary request, they provide information about their interests and other necessary details regarding their trip.

[Fig. 9.9]

Once the request form is complete, the user can then review and send.

[Fig. 9.10-11]

The receiver must then accept the request before they can then create the itinerary.

Itineraries are created by putting together a list of destinations for each day of the requester's trip.

[Fig. 9.12]

Receivers can also be requested to be physically present and act as tour guides for specific days, known as Experience Itineraries.

The reciever can easily opt-out of these requests within their personal settings.

[Fig. 9.13-14]

A messages area was created to ease communication and coordination between sender and receiver.

[Fig. 10.15-16]

At the end of the engagement I delievered a design document outlining all screens and features for the early-stage MVP.