Steven Ziadie
Product Designer & Interdisciplinary Creative

Los Angeles, CA

Last Update:
02/27/2024 16:40 PST

Goldie Productions


Goldie is a production and art buying team based in Los Angeles available to produce shoots around the globe.

Goldie partnered with Boyfriend Studio, seeking a solution to showcase their visually dynamic work while avoiding a grid-centric approach.


Web Design
Creative Direction



[Fig. 3.4]

The landing page became a single scroll divided into the sections: Featured/Recent Work, About & Contact.

The main menu functioned as anchors for navigating the page.

[Fig. 3.5-6]

At mobile viewports, the Featured section stacks and scrolls.

[Fig. 3.7]

The Recent Work section still retained its asymmetric feel on mobile resolutions.

[Fig. 3.11]

Project galleries were placed in a horizontally scrolling fashion. At the end of each project, the user would be presented with the full project list.

[Fig. 3.12-13]

On mobile viewports, the project images scrolled vertically to better align with the device's form factor.