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Los Angeles, CA

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02/27/2024 16:40 PST

MGM Resorts


MGM Resorts International is an American global hospitality and entertainment company operating destination resorts in locations across the globe.

Their go to digital studio, Superformula, was tasked with creating a design library composed of brand-agnostic components. These components were to be used across their wide range of properties while having the ability to accommodate the unique characteristics of each brand.


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[Fig. 4.4-6]

Sitewide audits were conducted on each of MGM's properties to gain insight on what type of data was being processed and displayed.

Using this information, brand agnostic components were created to facilitate the shared needs of each of the documented properties.

[Fig. 4.7]

The resulting component set was versatile, being used to do everything from displaying information to completing transactions and booking rooms.

[Fig. 4.8]

Example of a date selection component.

[Fig. 4.9]

These elements were orchestrated to create full pages and workflows for each property.

[Fig. 4.10]

Example of Aria's Rooms and Suites page using gallery and item components.

[Fig. 4.11-14]

As mobile was a priority, each of the components were designed to behave seamlessly on all viewports.

[Fig. 4.15-17]

Despite having only one pool of components, each property was able to meet its specific needs while adhering to its individual brand guidelines. This approach granted each property a distinct identity while retaining the familiarity of being part of the same MGM umbrella. As a result, patrons could seamlessly book accommodations or make transactions, regardless of which property they were staying at on the strip.