Steven Ziadie
Product Designer & Interdisciplinary Creative

Los Angeles, CA

Last Update:
02/27/2024 16:40 PST

Nike News


Nike’s main outlet for news, upcoming projects, collaborations and releases. Nike is the world's largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel.

Nike worked with HYPERHYPER for the design and build out of this site.


Product Design
Design System
Web Design



[Fig. 10.4]

For the main landing area, components were created specifically for each content type, allowing them to have their own identity within the content grid.

[Fig. 10.5]

The result was a “feed-like” experience allowing users to explore all avenues of the Nike brand on a single page.

[Fig. 10.6-9]

Selecting “More News” took users to a single column layout for a better sense of chronology and ease of searching.

[Fig. 10.10]

At the end of each article, users were presented with a sampling of related news as well as recirculation of homepage content.

[Fig. 10.11]

An example of the mobile experience.

[Fig. 10.12-14]

Additional examples of the archive and search on mobile.

[Fig. 10.15-17]

A mobile view of the article and the recirculated content.