Steven Ziadie
Product Designer & Interdisciplinary Creative

Los Angeles, CA

Last Update:
02/27/2024 16:40 PST

Need Supply


Need Supply was a U.S.-based e-commerce brand established in 1996. Starting off only selling vintage Levi’s, they later expanded their offering to premium contemporary brands.

Their team required a web design and UX resource to update key areas of the site. Additionally, they sought to incorporate a new section dedicated to limited and exclusive sneaker releases.


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[Fig. 5.4-6]

The non-cookied landing page was updated to allow customers to quickly branch into the site's 3 main retail categories, with Men's and Women's cateogries being the primary focus.

[Fig. 5.7]

The new directed landing pages (e.g. "Womens") included shoppable links as well as articles from the new Editorial section. Articles would appear based on the section.

[Fig. 5.8-9]

At mobile viewports, content stacks and scrolls.

[Fig. 5.10-11]

The Inline shopping components scrolled horizontally on mobile viewports.

[Fig. 5.12-13]

Articles were updated to be composed of a variety of layout components, creating a dynamic, magazine-like feel.

[Fig. 5.14]

At the end of each article, customers were directed to more content or a shopping experience.

[Fig. 5.15]

The desktop checkout flow was updated to allow customers to see their cart throughout the checkout process.

[Fig. 5.16-20]

A sneaker section titled “Releases” was created to facilitate the growing demand for limited sneaker drops.

[Fig. 5.21-25]

Within the Sneakers section, customers we able to enter raffles to receive the opportunity to purchase these limited releases.